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Frequently Asked Questions ​

Laundromat Questions

We have 18 parking spaces dedicated to the laundromat.

Yes, we have (2) 60 lb machines. That is the equivalent of 6 top load washing machines.

No, we will exchange your bills for quarters.

We open at 6:45 a.m. Our last load needs to be put in by 7:30 pm and our doors close at 8:30 pm.

Yes, it’s FREE to our customers.

Drop Off Laundry Questions

Not only do we keep your clothing separate from those of other customers, but we sort your clothes, so the colored clothing does not bleed on the whites.

Yes, you can bring in your own hangers, or we charge 10 cents per hanger.

We use Tide, Downy, Oxiclean, and Clorox 2. We do not use the cheaper detergents.

Absolutely, but for heavily soiled fluff and fold service it is $1.25 per pound. Often, it has to be treated or washed twice.

Pick-Up and Delivery Questions

35 pounds. Often someone wants to know how much is 35 pounds of laundry. You can stand on a scale and then pick up the bag and that will give you a rough idea. Our scale at the laundromat is certified and very accurate.

It will go into the software and we will get the information and let you know if we can cover the area or you can email me us info@delriolaundry.com I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

It’s very easy. Put your mouse on “schedule a pickup” and it will prompt you the rest of the way.


Commercial Laundry

No contract needed. We need to talk about how often you want pickups done, approximately how many pounds you have, and what kind of clothing. We will discuss how you want to pay and how often you should get billed. We will discuss the price and we’ll start pickup whenever you want.